Journal Entry: Hailey Lynn Martel-09/21/2023

Journal Entry

I had my 6-month team meet yesterday and I am proud to announce that my PATTERN score has dropped 11 points. 6 of those points were because I am now 30 years old but 3 points were for completing the Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program and the other 2 points were for completing different ACE classes. Since my last program review, I have completed numerous classes such as: Non-Res, Safety Orientation, Growth Mindset, Healthier Me, Assert Yourself, Understanding Your Feelings, Foundation and Women’s Career Exploration. I am currently participating in the Family Programming Series for Women. I am on the waitlist for Resolve Workshop, Anger Management, Beyond Violence, Change, Square One, Start Now, Women in the 21st Century Workplace, HAVC, Resume Writing and Career & Workplace Readiness. I am also waiting to go into the Residential Drug Abuse Program. I have found out I am ineligible for the early release that goes with that program but I am still going to do it because I know it will benefit me and help me grow in many ways. I continue to work on myself everyday and to not let this place keep me down. I am confident in myself that I will continue to grow and better myself during this journey.