Journal Entry: Georgiana Elizabeth Jones-12/21/2023

Journal Entry

So I have fallen off a little on here mainly due to depression. I am a very motivated person, yet when the hard work doesn’t pay off on MY timeline I get down on my situation. My latest “team” was given last week and somehow, even though I am doing everything in my power to lower my points, taking all the right classes and making right choices, I didn’t drop not one single point on my recidivism, meaning I am still a medium custody person and there fore I will not be getting my “earned time” applied to my date until whenever I can get it to a low. I started at 53 points, my second team I made it to 46 points, I then worked even harder as I saw the possibility of getting out this coming year if I worked for it, but no. Somehow none of the classes, the same type that dropped me the first 7 points, did not drop me anything. Mind you I’ve actually earned over 140 certificates, these are just the ones supposed to be recognized by BOP and lower my scoring. They didn’t. The explanation given is not clear or helpful, as they say I need to lower my escape points, which I’ve never even had an escape charge in my life, but they count parole violations as escapes, mind you mine were during COVID. Regardless I am powerless, even though they suggested otherwise. I can do nothing but keep doing what I am doing, and I will, I just didn’t have much positive stuff to say right now. I am seeking to get ordained. I have had a seminary school come into my radar, yet I am questioning if that is my most honorable course, as I still have a long way to go to feel as though I would be a good candidate for ministry, so I’m praying on it. They say they have the most programs of any BOP institution, yet I haven’t been able to enroll in a single one in the 2 months I’ve been here. But I guess I’ll get full advantage since my outdated looks more like 2 years away instead of 4 months.