Journal Entry: Georgiana Elizabeth Jones-02/02/2024

Journal Entry

Currently feeling sort of stagnant in this facility. Simply waiting for one of my many doors knocked on to open. I have applied for Seminary School, sent out grievances to the powers that be regarding the food issues at this location, and am waiting to get into the FIT program offered here at Tallahassee FCI. It’s slow going due to the many problems needing to be addressed at this facility, so I am waiting patiently while the wheels turn… however slowly they take. I look forward to writing more when I am able to sit down and do so, as of now the epidemic taking place in this facility of K2 is making things difficult, yet I know once I move to the treatment unit more opportunities will come! I am writing down my ideas, and staying focused and positive about my future, and continuing to look for those positive people that will be with me to help me through this journey. Life is good and so is God. I will continue moving forward no matter what!!