Journal Entry: Georgiana Elizabeth Jones-01/21/2024-journal question

Journal Entry

Why should a prospective employer open an income opportunity with me as opposed to someone without a conviction?

I believe the answer can be seen in my motivation. I have many outstanding certifications, including adult and infant CPR, Critical thinking, Team Building, Money Management, and plenty of others that relate well not only in the business world, yet also in the community at large. I present well as well, with no overly aggressive tattooing, (which isn’t a deal breaker in many professions I’m sure, but I plan on working in field where it might). My resume is well put together and I have outstanding experience in quality control, management, and professional sales. My communication skills are being honed everyday and I am mindful in my interactions with others and carry with me a deep sense of community. This is what I believe will set me apart.