Journal Entry: Georgiana Elizabeth Jones-01/20/2024

Journal Entry

I have been reaching out to see how best to use my time while here at Tallahassee FCI, I am working to enroll in a Seminary Class I found, I am investigating how to get into the classes they claim to offer here, yet its been one block or dead end after another. I am frustrated, yet all it is doing is making me dig my heels in deeper and look deeper as well to find my path. I have found a bit of a purpose in advocating for better food conditions here, and stumbled upon a situation I wasn’t aware of till it was brought to me…
There is a group of people that come here every month from “Regional”, in Dublin FCI we were encouraged to go to them with our complaints, as staff there was trying to do their best with their limited staff, so they encouraged us to question them about or issues they couldn’t address. Here it is a completely different culture. I approached a Regional Staff member and was immediately aware of the other inmates reaction.. they were horrified and also interested in me going to regional for their issues as well. Saying things like: “Tell them about the medical!!” “Tell them about the dental!!” “Let them know about staff!!” …. I was confused, thinking to myself “Why don’t they go themselves?” Well after I spoke to the gentleman about the horrible food conditions here, he specifically asked me “Do you feel safe here?” And to me the question didn’t fit with what I was talking to him about, which was spoiled food being served. Come to find out the REAL issue here (according to the other inmates) is intimidation.. the inmate here are supposedly retaliated on when they go to Regional and express their concerns.. I was not aware of this. and honestly still have seen any personal consequences from my reaching out to them, so I can’t confirm or deny if that is a thing, I can tell you the inmates defiantly THINK it is a thing, as I was warned by multiple ladies here that I need to be careful. This was intriguing to say the least. Personally I just want to find a place to put my energy that will not just empower me, but also help the community I’m going into, and the community I am in. We shall continue to see where this road leads. Thank you Mr. Santos for helping me by keeping me focused and keeping my head in the game with your daily reminders. They do help me to remember to find purpose in each day, to make each day count, and to not go to bed without feeling accomplished SOMETHING. My goals are not as clear as I would like them, yet they are forming, more and more everyday, so TY