Journal Entry: Georgiana Elizabeth Jones-12/31/2023

Journal Entry

This idea of innovation is a beautiful idea! Now that I’ve come to a facility that claims “more programs than any other FCI in the country” and not been able to find a single class to enroll in other than Crochet I have become mildly upset. I try very hard to keep myself moving forward, moving towards goals, yet I will gladly take any class that will teach me something, and I will be taking the crochet class for that purpose, lol. Still, I want something I can sink my teeth into, and I hope to discover that in the feelers I have put for correspondence classes. This new year is the beginning of a new business journal I will be starting on the first. I will seek to add something of note to it everyday, and hopefully on this platform as well. I am moving in many different areas, and at times I worry this is not my best approach, yet with limited options I feel I need to remain fluid and trust God to make it all come together. Happy New Year to all. My biggest hope for this New Year as far as progress for prisoners would be to get WIFI for the tablets so we can listen to educational Podcasts… Those GREATLY enhanced my learning experience, I was learning 3 different languages as well as listening to Ted Talks which grew me tremendously, that was in a holding facility, to have that in the prisons would absolutely change lives. Knowledge and access to it is power, is freedom, is the building blocks of change, growth, and successful evolving of our entire human race.