Journal Entry: Estevan Estevan-12/26/2023

Journal Entry

Today is good, we are finally off lockdown. It seems at times that the prison or “system” is always poking at us trying to get a reaction. The test has been to turn what they intend for bad into something good. I always try to use lockdowns to read or study. Sometimes I just reflect or think of goals I want. I would think that the First Step Act would be changing how prisoners and staff interact but it seems like the same old prison mentality. I know these obstacles exist not to deter me but to strengthen my will to do better. I hope to continue to go to college and when I drop to low points ask for a transfer closer to my family so that I can have a visit. It has been almost 6 years since I’ve seen any family face-to-face. That is my goal to continue working to drop points by working unicore and signing up for every FSA class possible. I must stay shot-free and continue in college. That’s all for now.