Journal Entry: Estevan Baquera-12/24/2023

Journal Entry

It’s been a while since my last entry. But I have completed all of my homework for the semester and turned it in. I completed 3 college courses, Soc 101 and 103 and biopsychology 109. The job at Unicore I have being an unfit mechanic is going good too. I was given a grade raise from grade 4 to grade 3. It is only a few cents raise but it is progress. I need to work on legitimate ways to support myself in prison and unicore is a good direction. It’s hard on my family to try to help out. I always feel like I’m the one who should be helping them financially. I recently turned 30 years old. I was 24 when I started this bid and I know I have changed a lot. I hope whoever reads this has a happy holiday. I thank all the interns and Micheal Santos for not forgetting us in prison. Thank you and god bless