Journal Entry: Estevan Baquera-12/01/2023

Journal Entry

Today is December 1st and I am busy doing college homework. It takes up all my time when I’m not working unicore. At times it’s challenging because of all the constant distractions but I still try to take my time to write out my homework. I work out almost eveyday still I think I am losing weight because I have been doing a lot of burpees. I can’t wait for this year to be over. The holidays are depressing for me in prison. I know one-day things will be different if I stay on the path I’m on. Many times it’s our emotions that go up and down. I believe a lot of men let their emotions control them. I was definitely that kind of man before. Now I understand the importance of staying focused no matter how you feel. Think before you act. It sounds simple but many can not understand this concept. It’s something that is necessary if I am to be successful, that is to have self-discipline. That’s it for this entry. Thank God for another day