Journal Entry: Estevan Baquera-11/12/2023

Journal Entry

Today is Sunday and im waiting for a movement call to the chapel. Its always good to go to church and hear the word. It always amazes me the way God speaks…in one way or another. I believe he always speaks its just we sometimes dont have the ears to hear. This morning i ran 6 laps and did about 200 burbees. I usually run 10 but I made up for the 4 laps i didnt run with burbees. After luch I was able to get a chapter of my homework for SOC 103 done, so that is good. Ive learned to do my homework in pieces instead of trying to get it all done at once. People work better when they are not in a rush. That is one of my goals to not be in such a rush, to take my time with things. This goal i will work on by continuing to do my homework in incriments and not rush through it. This same cocept I will use at work/UNICOR, when i am working on a vehicle I will take my time and do it right the first time so that i dont have to come back later and re-do it. I will take my time because i know God speaks in the stillness and when we are in a rush we might miss what God is trying to say to us. Well thats all for this journal entry.

Written by a free man,

Estevan Baquera