Journal Entry: Estevan Baquera-11/09/2023

Journal Entry

Today, I woke up at 5:30 am. I did my morning routine, then we unlocked at 6:15am and I went to breakfast. Work call was at 7:30am and I went to work. Today I started my “canine” truck which is a police car thats built to hold a police canine. It is one of the most difficult trucks to wire up because of all the accessaries. It was a good day at work today. On my way from work, the college TA (teachers assistant) met me along the way to give me my college homework. I realize today that if you want to succeed there is no shortcuts, you have to go through the process. Just like at work with wiring up trucks, doing college work, and my prison sentence there are no shortcuts. You must fully experience everything, the highs and lows to understand the lessons that life is teaching you and to overcome obstacles…… Free man Estevan Baquera