Journal Entry: Estevan Baquera-03/05/2024

Journal Entry

It has been a while since I have journaled but I have been productive. I completed a college course called “Political Science” with an A. I have been busy working at Unicore. I have my own crew as an upfit mechanic, which consists of wiring up trucks. There are still plenty of lockdowns. We have been on a 50$ spending limit and to be honest, I have been hungry all month. Today we were told we will be allowed to shop more this week. I’ve learned to see issues like this in their proper perspective. Food and clothing are not everything, what’s important is the character we are developing. Lastly, I hope to go to “team” this month. I am trying to drop points so I can transfer to a lower-security prison with more educational opportunities. I have been shot free and will continue to do my best