Journal Entry: Eric Kursim-03/13/2024

Journal Entry

Wednesday, March 13

No real excitement today. Slept through breakfast, mostly intentionally as I didn’t want to run into the C/O. I almost got caught up on moving my journal from paper to email. Lunch on Wednesday’s is the hamburger/sweet potato meal. And not much of it.

The guys who work with the dogs got 2 new ones today. Some type of doodles. One is a tiny little puppy and sooo cute! I’ve thought about applying to move over to the dog group, but I need to focus on getting myself ready for after prison. Besides, I don’t like a lot of how they do things, there’s only one guy I think really does well with his dog, and that could cause issues.

In class today, we finished up our review of the Korean War. The guy running the class is also an inmate and he left the Vietnam dvd in the office. The lady running the library/education center was out so the door was locked and he couldn’t get it. We decided to wrap up early.

After class, I had my 1st medical appointment. Mostly to check vitals and review my records. I had all my medical records with me so that helped a lot. The nurse had forgotten her paper so she was trying to remember all the questions we need to review. She got me signed up to get my meds from the pharmacy and set up an appointment for me to see the dr. and also for a prostate exam. :=( My weight has dropped but not by what I was hoping, so that was a bit of a downer.

For dinner, we had a salad with the lovely bland chopped chicken breast, soup beans and some beets. I managed to get some extra salad and a meal which was pretty skimpy to begin with ended up being rather filling.