Journal Entry: Eric Kursim-03/12/2024

Journal Entry

Tuesday, March 12

Got my 2nd commissary today. Much smaller than last week as I didn’t need to get as much clothing. The C/O is a perfect example of some of the things wrong around here. He bitches about people not checking the out-of-stock list but doesn’t realize everyone has their list in before he updates the list. Just post the list on Monday….duh! We’ve already turned in our sheet, what good would checking the list do? I am very deliberate in checking the list and still had several things they were out of.

It must not be my day for good C/O interactions. The entire time I’ve been here, I’ve heard nothing but bad stuff about the head C/O who was out on vacation. How he behaves like a child and yells all the time. Of course, today when he saw a new person, he went into attack mode. We’ve been relaxed about tucking our shirts in and although I had tucked mine in, it had come untucked and he let me have it. I’ll be double checking now! But man he went overboard and if you know me, biting my tongue was a bear!
Good exercise day today – more laps than normal and I added stairs to the mix as well as the usual pushups!