Journal Entry: Eric Kursim-03/07/2024

Journal Entry

Thursday, March 7th

Last day of my 1st week!!!

I woke up just before lights on, but somehow fell asleep for longer than I intended. I made up for that by being productive since. I took a quick shower and our hot water has been fixed! It had been moderately warm to cold before. Added almost all of my contacts to email and then called April and chatted. I didn’t have much to say, but it’s nice talking to her daily. I walked 2 miles and added pushups to the walk. Not much, but building up slowly.

All week, I’ve heard about how good lunch is on Thursdays, so I was pretty excited to try it. Firstly, as small as Wednesday’s lunch was, this was that big. A baked chicken quarter with a beautiful crispy brown skin. It was delicious and very juicy! With that we had green beans, cheesy noodles and a small salad and bread. I couldn’t finish all of it!