Journal Entry: Eric Kursim-03/06/2024

Journal Entry

Wednesday, March 6th

A bit of a busy day today. I have a class at noon and a dental appt at 1:00. The day is rainy and I let that interfere with my walking routine. I will have to make the treadmills a backup in future bad weather.
My class is on American Wars – Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. Today’s session focused on the Korean War. I was quite surprised at how little I knew about that war.

Lunch today was surprisingly small. A hamburger and half a small sweet potato. I had to eat one of my backup packs of tuna…thank goodness for commissary!

The dental appointment was quite “interesting”. The office is impressively full of high-end equipment that apparently never gets used. The dentist counted my teeth and noted their condition including if I had fillings. When he notated missing teeth I was worried until I remembered I had my molars pulled! Whew! As a taxpayer, you should be upset about all the equipment just sitting there. BOP literature touts the “great” dental care they have, but I’m told you can’t even get in for a cleaning let alone any higher-end care. If I see or find out otherwise, I will update this.