Journal Entry: Eric Kursim-03/05/2024

Journal Entry

Tuesday, March 5th

Getting up early during the week is much easier with the lights on! (I know I said this, but it’s really noticeable) “Breakfast” is oat bran and/or a piece of breakfast “cake”. It’s basically a muffin in cake format. I usually have the cake and some skim milk. The bran is said to be chopped cardboard.

Today was my 1st Commissary. It was a bit eye-opening seeing the amount of junk food some of these guys get. They fill their laundry bags with chips, cookies, cakes, and other snacks and then add a couple of 12 packs of soda.(which has a limit of 1, but hey another hustle.) I got some shorts, t-shirts, and sweats as well as regular underwear. (Not a fan of boxers -boxer briefs for me!) I also got some seasoning for the bland meals – hot sauce, seasoning, and mayo.

With the clothes that fit a little better, I was able to get some walking in. I got about 40 minutes in but the rain drove me inside. Good thing as I started to blister with the ill-fitting shoes.