Journal Entry: Eric Kursim-03/04/2024

Journal Entry

Monday, Match 4th

I made it up in time for breakfast! It helps when they turn the lights on at 6 am! (Weekends they are left off all the time.)I finally got my official greens! Woot! Also, my phone rights are active, but I must have called before April was awake.

The weather is nice, so I will try to start walking today.

I finally got ahold of April to let her know everything was good. They were able to get money to my account. Apparently, there was a maximum amount that can be sent. It was nice to finally have email and phone.

Cards went well tonight. Only 3 players which really changes the same! I know when I entered prison, I said I didn’t want to sit around playing cards but these are a bunch of good guys and until I can get into a routine and get a job, there’s not much else to do.