Journal Entry: Eric Kursim-03/02/2024

Journal Entry

Saturday, March 2nd

I must have hit the high point of meals because everything has been pretty decent so far. 1st meal was a sort of taco salad. The 2nd meal was an oddball – plain shredded chicken breast with some still frozen cheese on it. It was supposed to be BBQ chicken but as I’ve found “certain” ingredients disappear to the kitchen people doing side hustles. They earn money making special meals for those willing to pay. Imagine paying extra for food that was already yours!

Saturday night I joined a group of guys to play a quirky card game. It was pretty easy to learn and I actually won the 1st round. (I think they let me as I haven’t won much since.)

My phone account is still locked, so I have not been able to contact the family. Also, my commissary has not come through so no email either.

I am still wearing the same sweatpants given to me Friday and will be until Monday. They are a bit big and keep slipping down. Still, way more comfortable than the jumpsuit!