Journal Entry: Eric Kursim-03/01/2024

Journal Entry

Friday, March 1st

Well, here we are. After rushed goodbyes in the lobby I began my self surrender to Federal Prison Camp. I scanned in and went back for processing. It was a pretty straight forward process, which I was prepared for – lots of waiting, strip search, more waiting, changed clothes, medical and mental evals and some type of shot, change clothes again and off to the camp. The officer was in his own car, which I was not allowed to ride in, so I had to walk to the camp. It seemed odd to check into prison and then immediately be turned out unchaperoned to walk down a public street to jail…I guess if you self surrender, they can probably trust you to show up!
Once I was in the camp, Bobby was my guide. It was starting to rain, so we hurried through some of the tour. He was very helpful though and made sure he got normal camp clothes for me so I could get out of the jumpuit they sent me in with to signify I was new. He really looked out for me and between him and just guys coming up to see what I needed, I had shoes and extra clothes and everything I needed. He did have issues finding a bedroll for me, so I started the night out with a towel for a pillow and no cover. I woke in the middle of the night with covering with a blanket he managed to get from someone.

It was amazing how welcoming everyone was. My cubemate Miles eased my fears about everyone offering stuff, by explaining that this is how everyone takes care of new guys and it was all “strings free”. I had clothes, shoes, dinnerware, personal products, coffee and snacks just given to me. Lots of guys just came up to welcome me and introduce themselves. I found out later my unit was for people over 50, so that my explain why everyone was so polite and respectful.

I feel like I showed up to prison fairly well prepared. I knew boredon would be an issue. My plan to deal with this was to stay busy with the many classes I read about and other activities I needed to do to receive FSA credits. Apparent’y, this camp has none of that. All the things I read were only available at the low security part of the prison. (Low is one security step up from camp.) What this means is, other than games, tv,reading, working out or sleeping, there isn’t much to do. I can get a job but I missed that opportunity by a day so it won’t be available until the end of March. The gym is fairly booked so exercise will have to be a bit creative and I am avoiding the TV room – I don’t need the drama or the bad habit.