Journal Entry: Eduardo Luis Valdes-05/15/2024

Journal Entry

Today marks 32 months that I have been incarcerated. I have been sick for the past several days. Unfortunately due to the type of way I feel, they would not provide any sort of medicine, because they sell many over-the-counter medicines in commissary. Thankfully, this week is for officer appreciation so we have been spending most of our days in the unit. I would love to go lay down for a bit but there is no a/c in the room and all I do is sweat when I am in there. Every day that I wake up and step out of the room, I get stopped by others who ask for help with writing a request to staff, translating something, or helping with other things. This keeps me busy and helps the day go by a little quicker. I went to lunch today pushing J.R. and since he doesn’t like the hamburger meat, I got to have make a double burger, and since today they gave cheese, it was even better. I will say, the food in the last few months has gotten better. For dinner I had some pork and beans that another inmate prepped for a few of us, I asked for no rice, in hopes of trying to start a diet that I always ruin. By 6 pm I went out to the rec yard and played racquetball with my roommate for about an hour and then went over to play pickleball with another group of guys until 8 pm. Luckily I was able to sweat and get some sun, which helped me feel a little better but by the night, my nose was stuffed once again and the room continued to be hot which I know is not going to help me sleep. Once we were locked in, it seemed like my roommate had a rough day, that I sat there to listen to him vent and try to give him some words of advice, hopefully, things would be different the next day. My roommate is new to prison, and has only been incarcerated for 3 months, so I need to help guide him on the behaviors he will run into with others and how to stick to himself away from the gossip and drama.