Journal Entry: Eduardo Luis Valdes-05/14/2024

Journal Entry

5:30am, good morning, I was up and out of the bed and taking the few things I had with me back to my own room, put the mattress on the bunk and slept for an hour. My roommate was up and out of the room by 7:25 and I rolled out of bed to get ready. By 7:35 they had not called “work call” so I knew something may be wrong. I use the toilet, wash my hands then brush my teeth, and I hear the officer yelling “RECALL”. Thank you God, no work this morning and some time to rest. Last night I started feeling “under the weather”, and today I feel worse, so this time to rest will help some. After my stem-cell transplant, my immune system goes up and down. When I don’t rest enough, my immune system drops and I get sick, this has happened to me several times in the past year because the air conditioning stops working, and there is no airflow in the rooms. We always wonder why if this is a low-security prison, the doors to our rooms get locked at night and during counts, especially now that it is summer and the a/c has stopped working. I am taking immune system booster chewable tablets, and some “Tylenol” because medical won’t help you if it is not an emergency, and even then, good luck. Family/Parenting class went well today, and I have yet to see “H” come back from the hospital, I hope he is okay. There is another gentleman I have tried taking under my wing. He will be “J.G.”. He is 79 years old and seems to forget everything he talks to me about, so I will hear the same things over and over again throughout the week. He has been in prison for 23 years, and I am trying my hardest to help him get some sort of sentence reduction to get home to his family, he still has 10 years left to do unfortunately. I had a form typed up requesting a possible 2-level sentence reduction, but it was rejected, now we are looking for other relief for him. Sometimes I feel I do more for others than I do for myself. I have learned little by little that I need to focus on me first before I take care of others. At times I still stop everything I am doing to assist someone in need, and to me, that is perfectly fine, because while I help others, God is helping me. The rest of the day went smoothly and am soon going into my room for the 10 pm count. Tomorrow brings new adventures.