Journal Entry: Deshawn Jamel Greene-12/20/2023

Journal Entry

I have been working on completing a book about my life. What made me decide to write about my life? Well, I have been through a lot in life. And through this incarceration, I felt that I could use that book as a tool to help deter someone else from making the same mistakes. Even after previously doing a state prison sentence I returned. And why? Because I did not have a definite plan of action. I didn’t have any steps that I could take to help me remain in society. That was due to a lack of planning while incarcerated. So I found myself back in the same situation. so this book I wrote shows my criminal thinking and highlights the consequences of those poor choices.

I am striving to have it completed by March. Hopefully, I will find a publisher. I have also found someone in here to help me on understanding non profit organization. I previously wrote about wanting to start one. This non profit aim is to help rebuild our communities by teaching money management, investing, resume writing, decision making, and other responsibilities to help curb crime in our communities. I have already came up with the name and the logo. By June I would like to have it trademarked.
Although I am juggling a few things at once. I feel that I need to multi-task because time is precious and I do not want to waste a minute of it. Because I have already wasted a lot by my past actions.