Journal Entry: Deshawn Jamel Greene-10/17/2023

Journal Entry

It has been a while since I wrote something on my page. One of the reason’s being I am currently in transit. This is the process where the BOP ships inmates around. After 13 years I have finally made a low security custody and am in the process of traveling to that prison in Oxford Wisconsin. I have been From Atlanta and now I sit in Oklahoma awaiting my next destination. Hopefully, it is the place where i am going.
One thing I have learned while being in the BOP is that change comes often and unexpected. Going through transit is a hassle in itself. Why because for one it’s a waste of money for us inmates. Before we set out on our journey. We have to pack up all our belongings to be shipped separately to our final destination.
So we have to constantly spend money to buy hygiene and things to take care of ourselves. these products that we accumulate in hold overs cannot be brought along when we leave letters or nothing. We are also treated so poorly within these hold over especially Atlanta. I was there and had to wear that same underwear, socks and t-shirt for a week.
Being in this situation really made me realize. That life will throw these curbs at us, but its how we respond to these situations. Being a felon I know things are not going to be easy for me in society. Being able to cope through the and deal with the issues I face in here only build me up for life’s challenges.
I am grateful for the challenges that I face because anyone can say they have changed when they are not faced with challenges. But when we faced those challenges and react different than we would have then you can say that you truly have made progress.