Journal Entry: Deshawn Jamel Greene-02/21/2024

Journal Entry

Late last night after I got done reading a few chapters of a real estate book. I began to think of how my life now is just like a real estate investor. How you ask? Well because I had to invest in myself. I had to buy into the rehab process of rebuilding my life. Because just like an ugly, abandoned, run-down home in a nice neighborhood is like a black eye in the community. I was a black eye in the community because my life was a reflection of that ugly house.

See investors look for houses they can invest in to make money. My goal is to be a successful entrepreneur when I get out. But how can I be one if I do not change. I had to invest in myself. So I went to work or rehabbing my life. I analyzed the things I needed to change. Which was my criminal thinking. So I started with tearing down the many facades I wore. Now that ugly house that used to exist is no longer an eyesore for the community. I have built up myself in a way that I can share my experience with someone else who may need to invest in themselves and rebuild their house. (life) Because they say our bodies are temples so the real estate investor seems like an appropriate way to look at building ourselves up. And what is better than investing in ourselves? That is the best and most important investment you will ever make. I am glad that I invested in myself.