Journal Entry: Deshawn Jamel Greene-01/30/2024

Journal Entry

Finally, I have completed my book. Now my aim is to type it. Because my writing I think is not that legible. (lol) To complete that goal of mine brought me some satisfaction. Now my goal is to get it edited and published. My aim with this book is to help deter others from the poor choices I have made in my life, and there were many.

I want to be a pillar in the communities that can make a difference. This book will co inside with my nonprofit organization. Which takes aim at restoring our communities and reducing the violence in them. I figure when I leave this world what do I want to be my legacy? Surely not my misfortunes and poor choices unless they are mentioned with the turn of my life. From criminal thinking to critical thinking.

This is not the end of my journey it’s only the beginning. Stay tuned for my next accomplishments to come.