Journal Entry: DaRayl Davis-10/13/2023

Journal Entry


Your dream is a sprouting creation that needs desire and support to develop to full maturity. The key to transforming you life is to keep your mind and heart on your dream. Today, I will say yes to my dreams, changing my life in the process.

Quote of the Day:
“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.”

– James Allen

1. One thing I can get excited about today is the media viewing session with some of the brothers.

2. If one word could describe the kind of person I want to be today, then that word is “Committed”…
And why I chose it is because committed people are the ones who change the world for the better.

1. A situation or task I handled well today was refining my talking points for my talk “Our Unfinished March”.

2. Something I realized or learned today was that to conjugate “-ER” verbs in Spanish is the same as conjugating “-AR” verbs. Simply replace the “A” with an “E”