Journal Entry: DaRayl Davis-09/25/2023

Journal Entry


I was not created for mediocrity. I would not be equipped to imagine future accomplishments and conditions if I were not
equipped with the ability to turn those ideas into reality. I will examine my life and identify those areas where I can
utilize my special abilities.

Quote of the Day:
“Show me someone content with mediocrity, and I’ll show you somebody destined for failure.”
– Johnetta Cole, President, Spelman College

1. One thing I can get excited about today is…
Examining my life to identify areas that need attention and potential adjustments.

2. If one word could describe the kind of person I want to be today, then that word is…and why I chose it is…
Ambitious; because it means I have a desire to succeed, and I’m unwilling to accept mediocrity.

3. If I was a high performance coach looking at my life from a high level, I would tell myself to remember that…
You have the ability to accomplish all that you can imagine. You must simply believe you can achieve it and act on
that belief.

4. I would know that today was a great success if at the end of the day I did, said or felt this…
I used my talents, time, energy and attention wisely to make meaningful and measurable progress.

1. A moment I really appreciated today was…
Talking with Monique

2. A situation or task I handled well today was…
Preparing the affidavit for Adam

3. If I was my own high performance coach, I would tell myself this statement about today. “You used your talents
and time wisely today.”