Journal Entry: DaRayl Davis-09/13/2023

Journal Entry


I can change any conditions I find undesirable by using my inborn creativity. I have been given the divine ability to
transform myself and my environment. I will use this wisdom to transcend circumstances.

Quote of the Day:
“The greatest inspiration is often born of desperation.” – Comer Cotrell, Founder Pro-Line Corporation

1. One thing I can get excited about today is…
Expanding my Intellectual Property Portfolio (Trademark)

2. If one word could describe the kind of person I want to be today, then that word is…and why I chose it is…
Transcendent; because I choose to rise above my circumstances, the conditions of my confinement and the hurdles
presented by my conviction.

3. If I was my own high performance coach looking at my life from a high level, I would tell myself to remember that…
You have the necessary tools to make a significant contribution of value to the world so use them.

1. A moment that I really appreciated today was…
Discussing the SOURCE Music (Trademark) concept with Chris H.

2. A situation or task that I handled well today was…
Distributing pre-test practice exams to Advanced GED students to help them prepare for their upcoming GED tests.

3. Something I realized or learned today was…
The SOURCE Music (Trademark) concept could support a new music genre.

4. If I was my own high performance coach, I would tell myself this statement about today…
You made a contribution of value and used your time wisely