Journal Entry: DaRayl Davis-01/02/2024

Journal Entry


The Universal Law of Spirituality governs our lives. The vitality of the Creator – the designer of the universe – permeates every fiber of our being. Infinite Intelligence guides us to health, happiness and prosperity. I will embrace this reality, pursue my dreams and realize my highest potential.

Quote of the Day:

“When it’s obvious that your goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”

– Confucius

1. One thing I can get excited about today is expanding my Intellectual Property Portfolio.

2. If one word could describe the kind of person I want to be today, then that word is Aspirational; and why I chose it it because I choose to pursue my dreams with great aspirations for what I can achieve and accomplish at my optimum.

1. Improve my character and build my integrity through my SPEED Work
2. Learn something new
3. Create and contribute something of value

1. A moment I really appreciated today was my conversation with Monique; in particular, when she told me about the
stories Symone, Domonique and Malik tell about me.

2. A situation or task that I handled well today was completing my high performance planner entries.

3. Something I realized or learned today was that Nelson Mandela was released from prison on February 11, 1990 after
27 years of incarceration in South Africa. He eventually became the president of that nation.

Give yourself a score of 1 to 5 on the following statements related to the high performance habits. A “1” is low, and a “5” is high.
CLARITY: I knew my “why” and lived intentionally today – 5
PRODUCTIVITY: I worked on things that mattered most today – 4
ENERGY: I managed my mental and physical energy well – 5
INFLUENCE: I guided or treated others well today – 5
NECESSITY: I felt it was necessary to be my best and made success a “must” – 5
COURAGE: I shared my real self, thoughts, and feelings today – 5