Journal Entry: Danyalen Cooper-01/11/2024

Journal Entry

For as long as I can remember I have had a dream of writing a book. Probably since my High School years and I just never pursued it. Then later I struggled with things in my life and just was never able to go to school and chase after my dream so I guess my question would be Is it possible for me to still be successful now this late in life without the degree to back me? I have been writing and tried to do some background on what I want to write on while in prison but it’s not easy from inside here but only because I am in a program dorm and we are in classes throughout the day. I know that sounds like an excuse and maybe it is somewhat because I do feel as if I should be trying harder but I feel as if I have no means of being successful on the outside if that makes sense? Thank you for your understanding I hope you can help with an answer.


Danyale Cooper