Journal Entry: Daniel Jason Harrington-03/09/2024

Journal Entry

I have been reading Santos’ Digital Economy series and realized just how much the world has and continues to change during my incarceration.

In terms of rehabilitation, it is very easy to focus on just the essentials, like Parenting, Anger Management, Life Coaching, and other forms of cognitive behavioral therapy classes because these are what comes to mind when considering change and focusing on success after prison. Without Santos’ Prison Professors Talent program, I would probably never considered other forms of preparation such as the digital economy.

The world is changing quickly, and those of us incarcerated need to prepare for the changes we will face after release or we will be lost out there. This realization would be scary if not prepared for, but thanks to these programs I am able to prepare for whatever the world has to offer. It is no longer a matter of “will I” succeed, rather “when” will I be offered an opportunity to do so. Thank you, Michael Santos and all those working with you.

Daniel Harrington