Journal Entry: Daniel Jason Harrington-02/09/2024

Journal Entry

Our facility here at AUSP Thomson was turned into a low and has been going through the transformation for some time.

Space is already limited due to this facility previously never having inmates that came out of their cells, basically, it was not designed for programming.

Utilizing cells as storage space, units have been turned into R & D, safety, facilities, and commissary. One whole unit, G unit, has been used for psychology services to run the criminal thinking and non-residential drug programs. Visiting, where I was previously employed by Reentry and running the parenting class, is now being used for visiting 5 days a week. on every other Tuesday is staff briefings, leaving no time or space for Reentry classes. This left me sitting all day doing nothing, so I recently took a job in Commissary.

I miss facilitating classes! I miss the interaction with the guys. And to top it off, we are told that G unit is being filled with new guys, so there will be no programming space left for any classes. Yet through it all, I try and maintain a positive attitude and pass a message of hope to the other guys.
I was told that this is the training ground for the proving ground (out there). All the obstacles and disappointments we face are preparing us for the ones we will face out there. How we deal with them is reflective on our change.

I am sure there will be a job that I have to take until I can get into the position I want to be in out there in the world. So as I take this job that lacks fulfillment, I try and remain positive, keep hope, and work on solutions for programming needs so that when the opportunity arises I can act.

Focusing on the things I CAN control, instead of the things I cannot. Keeping a positive attitude. Being part of the solution instead of the problem. Every day is now an opportunity for more growth.