Journal Entry: Dana McIntyre-12/14/2023

Journal Entry

Yesterday I went to post surgery follow ups and everything seems to be healing properly. The day of my surgery I asked the Hospital to return the bone they removed from my body. After several conversations

Up the chain of command, I was told it would be returned on December 13th, which it was not. As this is an unconventional request I’m sure they waited to see if I brought it up again. I was told yesterday by my physician’s assistant that Dr. Gallagher was making calls to the pathologist to find out the status. Before I left they assured me it would be in their office and will return it on my next visit in a few weeks.

What I learned:

  1. Ask for company policies in writing.
  2. Be polite and be persistent.
  3. There is a chain of command in every organization.
  4. Following protocol will get the best results.
  5. Never let anyone take away what is rightfully yours.
  6. Always ask regardless of how ridiculous it seems to the other party.
  7. It isn’t over till it’s over.

Today was a slow day as I’m very sore. I can tell you the recovery has been slower and more painful than I ever imagined. I know that what I’m experiencing now is not forever and once it heals, I hope to have pain free days, I can’t even imagine it’s been so long.

I found out that InstaCart has personal shoppers in my Area of rural Vermont. Using this service to have groceries delivered from the nearest supermarket about 20 miles away is a game changer. I understand services like this are commonplace in Urban areas where there are lots of people. I live in a town that is.

650 residents with one small village market and one restaurant. However, I am near some of the top Vermont ski areas and I know there is a huge demand for something like this. I’m always looking for opportunities and side hustles and this seems like it would be good. After doing a little research, I saw this is in their FYI section, I cut and pasted.

InstaCart values providing prospective contractors with a fair chance to pursue opportunities and encourages applicants with arrest and conviction records to apply.

This could be a lifeline to many who have had a hard time finding employment post release. I asked my shopper / delivery person how much he made and he was quick to tell me “He made $42 on my delivery, and averages $300 a day for 8 hours of grocery shopping and deliveries. That is $1500 a week for Monday thru Friday. It is refreshing to see large companies offering justice impacted people a chance to earn a living wage but more importantly showing them dignity and respect.