Journal Entry: Dana McIntyre-12/12/2023

Journal Entry

I had an opportunity to review in detail the First Step Act official resource guide. There are several programs and classes I’m interested in and will have a list of my requests when I surrender. The lions’ share of what is offered does not apply and would be minimally useful to me as an individual. If the

Programs are top heavy on mental health and substance abuse issues; it makes sense that there is a big need for these kinds of services. This could be an opportunity for me to mentor and help others. The main idea behind the First Step Act is to reduce or eliminate the chances of recidivism. In my case, that currently stands at zero. It is up to me to spell out and document who I am as a person both before and after my crime. I’ll continue to write and tell the story outside of that snapshot in time. I am open to taking any course on any subject to accumulate the maximum credits so I can be released to home confinement as soon as possible. I have moderate pain in my right hip today and tomorrow will go for my two-week post Op checkup. I did not think the healing process would be this slow and intense.

I’m watching the 6pm news and saw that the New England Patriots are hosting a Holiday party for children in the Massachusetts foster care system. It helped me to reflect and look back on the time that I raised money and hosted a holiday party for children in the foster care system. That event has happened annually for the past 20 years and is now run by donations from local non-profits. I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that something I created years ago is still carried on by others. For a few hours on a Saturday in early December, the kids’ home situation, whatever it may be, was not a factor in the moment. This is one of the true meanings of life.