Journal Entry: Dana McIntyre-12/08/2023

Journal Entry

I have been a little under the weather since my last journal entry and still healing from surgery. I’m slowly getting back to a somewhat normal existence. Looking forward to not being in so much pain and being more productive. I’m grateful for the down time but most of that time seems to be going to getting rest and icing the incision area, which is swollen. I stopped taking the prescribed drugs 3 or 4 days ago. Being prescribed something that if I take too much it could kill me does not sit well with me.

Today I will start drafting a letter to the judge letting her know that I was designated to the camp In Cumberland, MD. And not Berlin, NH as she requested to the BOP as part of my sentencing. It is understood the Judges recommendations are non-binding. It is my hope that the judge helps the BOP understand this is a hardship and they should change my designation. I received some great input from the webinar a few days ago and will be using this information to create the letter to the judge.

I downloaded the inmate admissions manual and am not sure how useful this will be. The manual has not been updated in over 10 years. I also downloaded the courses and classes available from the First Step Act and will have these selected so I know what course to request when I surrender.