Journal Entry: Dana McIntyre-12/02/2023

Journal Entry

Went in for hip replacement surgery this past Wednesday and it went well. That included an overnight stay at the hospital. Was up most of the night, at 4:30 am I was given 2cc’s of Morphine and then another 2cc’s 20 minutes later at 4:50am. This is the first time I have had surgery and the soreness and pain can be overwhelming. I was prescribed OxyContin and Tamarol. I’m still very sore and just started walking without my walker. I understand why these drugs exist. Without pain blockers the post-surgery recovery would be very different. Looking forward to being able sleep without constant pain. I caught a glimpse of what that may be like when I was in the recovery room.

Looking forward to the response from the BOP and if they will allow me to serve my sentence in New Hampshire. This is closer to the community I will return to and live. It’s not clear to me what restrictions will be placed on my ability to own and operate a business or be self-employed. This could hinder my ability to earn an adequate living and to have some sort of plan for retirement besides Social Security. I outline in my release plan that I will be debt free and having a modest cottage home that is paid for by year 5 after my release. This is not a dream; this is a reality and a plan only if I am not restricted from how I can legally generate income. Although I will have satisfied 90-95% of the restitution before I surrender, having an adequate income source and a plan to satisfy the last leg of the payments to Government is an important part of closing the books on this chapter of my life.

I came home on Thursday, one day after surgery. My daughter stayed with me for a few days until I got situated and she left a few hours ago. My support system is smaller now that I live in Vermont and I’m very grateful to her for helping me out. That is what family is about.