Journal Entry: Dana McIntyre-11/20/2023

Journal Entry

I reworded my request to the BOP for redesignation to the minimum-security camp at FCI Berlin In New Hampshire. Berlin is within driving distance of my family and my tribe. I’ll review on tonight’s Master Class and email it the final version tomorrow I dislike this part of the journey and would much rather be working on a project, my radio show, Or Ideas I have for my next animated short film rather than dealing with the sometimes heaviness of the overall situation. My head is clear, and I’m resolved. The help and guidance I have received from those who have gone through the system is invaluable. I can see plainly that after this life detour, I will come back to a more fruitful and meaningful life. At this point (before I surrender) I am more focused on planning and how I am feeling more than writing down my schedule of what I did, what I ate, when I exercised, etc. There will be plenty of time for that after I report to camp.

My former lawyer just emailed and told me the clerk notified him and that my Pro se motion to extend my surrender date from January 5th to April 5th was approved by the judge and to confirm my mailing Address. I’m sure a “Client” of his receiving a favorable approval from a federal judge on a pro se motion has left him dumbfounded and wondering. I sent my former lawyer my mailing address that is unchanged From the past 3 years. It seems he is confirming this with the clerk of courts. I can’t control the behavior of others or the past. I can control the future and I am grateful for extra time to get my affairs in order before surrendering.