Journal Entry: Dana McIntyre-11/17/2023

Journal Entry

Spent most of the morning recording a new episode of my podcast, The Dana Crypto Show, And sent it off to be posted by my hosting company. Feeling good but challenged. Back pain Is a constant high normal today and affects what I can do. Stretching helps somewhat, no doubt preparing to surrender and all the pain with it Is transferring to my body’s weakest parts. That’s what happens when outwardly things appear normal. I am very disturbed that I was assigned over 500 miles from my home. This is the real punishment and the one I feel the most. It is a gut punch. You can take all my money; I can always make more. Tell me where to go, what and when to eat, how to improve my life in any way and I will do it exactly as instructed or better.

My Immediate family is small, it is just my children ages 23 and 26 with some cousins in different states. It punishes them equally if not more as I will be 600 miles from my son and 700 miles from my daughter. Making a trip even once will cost them hundreds of dollars each as well as time off from work. It is a two- or three-day event to come for a weekend visit for just a few hours. I am finishing up my motion to be redesignated to the minimum-security camp At Devens in Shirley, MA. Citing this hardship as well as my health Issues. I will share it in the next Master Class for input before I send it off the BOP.

Getting ready to surrender combined with the reality and upset of going away dominates my thinking. I know I’m a way better person and not going to let a snapshot of time where I used very poor judgement define My character. This will take time. It is all on me to prove otherwise.