Journal Entry: Dana McIntyre-01/06/2024

Journal Entry

Today would have been my first full day in a prison camp if Judge Casper did not approve my request to extend my surrender date till April 5, 2024. Call it fear of the unknown, but I cannot imagine being in a prison camp while still healing from a full hip replacement 5 short weeks ago. If I was assigned a top bunk that would have easily put me in danger of falling and causing a major setback to my recovery. I’m able to take care of myself but bending over to put on socks is very painful. I’m not taking oxycodone or any other pain drugs save for Ibuprofen. I sent in my second request or reminder and within 45 minutes I received the standard response. Here is the email I received:

BOP-CPD-DSC-PolicyCorrespondence-S (BOP) Tue, Jan 2, 4:55 PM (4 days ago) to me

The Bureau attempts to confine inmates at facilities commensurate with their security and programming needs, while maintaining population balance throughout our institutions. The Bureau of Prisons (Bureau) classifies and designates inmates in accordance with 18 U.S.C. 3621(b) and Bureau Program Statement 5100.08, Inmate Security Designation and Custody Classification. This policy is available for viewing on the Bureau’s public website at

My goal is to speak with a real human or at least be responded to with humanity. I understand that the BOP system may be overwhelmed. Because I was granted an extension to my surrender date my probation officer indicated that I would be going thru the redesignation process. I have been and will continue to petition the BOP to be redesignated to Berlin, NH. My hope is that my request will be considered if I do in fact automatically go thru the designation process all over again. Doug Cowher, who is my local probation officer, told me he would let me know of any changes.