Journal Entry: Dana McIntyre-01/01/2024

Journal Entry

The past week has been one of physical pain and getting things done. My hip is getting better each day. My back has been very painful, almost unbearable at times. The timing could not be worse. Life does not care if you have a headache or are in a wheelchair. I have a very full plate settling into smaller living quarters, downsizing and everything that goes along with that. I do what I can, when I can and it is not my normal pace.

Tomorrow I will be sending my second request to be redesignated to the minimum-security camp in Berlin, NH. It was stated my Judge Denise J. Casper in my statement of reasons that I be designated to this camp. While I understand the request from her is non-binding It is unclear to me why a request from a Federal Judge is being ignored. The First Step act has language that explains maintaining a close connection to family and community while incarcerated. Being situated over 500 miles from my home puts an extreme financial burden on all visitors, especially my children who are young adults. It all but eliminates them being able to visit more than one time during my stay. A 12 hour plus one-way drive involves time off from work, hotels, food, and gas. Flying would be even more expensive. I’m confident my consistent lobbying for this redesignation will be fruitful and this issue will become null.