Journal Entry: Christopher S Hincka-12/04/2023-Finding Hope

Journal Entry

I read a couple of Daily Journals posted by Prison Professors Talent that I relate to in many ways. The first was about the importance of mentorship. This is something that I am familiar with because I have been fortunate enough to have a few individuals during this journey of incarceration that have helped to guide me, encourage me, and hold me accountable when needed.

These people have helped me tap into the potential that I didn’t even know that I possessed. In the article by Prison Professors Talent, it stated, “Mentorship is more than guidance; it’s a relationship that empowers individuals to realize their potential and navigate the complexities of reentry with confidence.” If we can find that type of relationship in our lives and especially while incarcerated then I feel there is no mountain a person won’t ascend, no valley they can’t climb and no length of sentence they can’t conquer.

The other journal entry was focusing on channeling our past experiences into positive outcomes. Many incarcerated men and women have a testimony to share that struggling individuals can relate to and be empowered by. I have learned that I can take what was tragedy, pain and heartache at one point in my life and use it to positively impact others. My past mistakes and failures don’t have to be in vain. I can now use them as a tool of success not only for myself but others that I share with.

I believe the topics of these two articles coincide with each other. Sharing our past experiences by putting them in a positive light will guide and empower those that it reaches. I find myself mentoring others with this exact strategy today and it is powerful and life-changing. The story of strong, uplifting people like Michael Santos and many others that share their stories on Prison professors’ Talent are strength for those that cannot see purpose or meaning in their own lives momentarily because the circumstances look unbearable. So when people build relationships providing encouragement, empowerment and upliftment it resurrects that hope and sense of meaning.

I use my testimony today to help men around me see purpose in preparation and the importance of striving for better even when it feels the odds are against them. I am currently preparing a plan for a non-profit that focuses on fortifying all inmates through hope in Christ because this is where I found my strength in my personal journey so I understand the need for spirituality.

Building a strong support network is essential for those returning to society so I will focus my efforts on building a spiritual community with positive relationships while also taking necessary steps to plan and prepare prior to release. It is through programs like Prison Professors Talent that individuals with a desire to be their best selves can find a hand up (not just a hand out) and I want to do my best to contribute to this movement of fortifying and empowering incarcerated individuals.

~With much respect and blessings

Christopher Hincka~