Journal Entry: Christopher Jason Ross-03/24/2024

Journal Entry

Anyone familiar with the works of Saki or John Kennedy Toole? It seems like politics has become a ghoulish parody of itself these days. As Dale Beran put it in his writings, “What was once been a long-running cynical joke is being reported as reality.” And yet, nothing gets better for us in prison. Lately, I have realized that I will never be more than mediocre at art. I should probably give it up and focus on being a good Factory worker if I want to succeed. Even worse, I almost don’t like the idea of leaving prison anymore. Not if I will end up being hyper-monitored and having to live a crazy existence based on the idea that there is no redemption or second chances. Like I even wanted to do anything illegal in life in the first place…

How do you benefit from a rehabilitative program if you know you’re innocent?