Journal Entry: Christopher Jason Ross-02/17/2024

Journal Entry

I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day, and he works on a farm. I have always took an “outsider” interest in agriculture, since my father worked for Case, and I asked my friend about the possibility of getting a job under him when I get out. It looks like there might be a good chance, since he envisions an expansion of the current operations and that means he would have to hire a bunch of people. Score! I love jobs working with heavy equipment – I worked for a museum that operated a short line railroad when I was a free person, and it was my own little slice of heaven. The museum was in the middle of nowhere, so, a farm would be just as cozy. I dislike big city venues and the cramped living, and the excess of people and indulgence that accompanies those areas. Bonfires and boxcars for me!