Journal Entry: Christopher Jason Ross-02/15/2024

Journal Entry

I always feel like I’m in the “Twilight Zone” when I have conversations with friends and acquaintances. In particular, I have difficulty meeting people that share my interest as an “old fashioned” romantic; most guys I cross paths with enjoy “tattooed” girls, women with some form of excessive psychoses, those from low-income brackets or strippers. They want a violent girl they can scrap with, one that smokes or has a (quite frankly) unappealing “bratty” attitude.

I, by contrast, have preferences that would describe a partner as perhaps “hyper-feminine,” or “girly.” Perhaps even pet-like, or comparable to some anime character like Super Sonico or some Catgirl or something. I like giving roses and chocolates, and I am pretty well-versed in art, so I can draw and paint, and make my own Valentines, gifts, cards, and roses. (My paper roses are really popular in here!) I would like to have a big wedding, with someone I would want to introduce to my parents.

Being an artist, I appreciate aesthetics as well, in ways others do not see, and this causes a further complication in being able to relate to others, especially in the same subject. I see many things others do not pick up on, such as fashion choices, body language, and facial expressions. I often find myself unable to look through magazines other people read or watch some types of television shows or movies due to the strange choice of actresses that others simply obsess or fawn over. It all seems surreal to me; “it is as if I and I alone have entered a parallel universe.” (Brownie points to whomever gets that reference!)