Journal Entry: Christopher Jason Ross-01/31/2024

Journal Entry

Good evening, all. Starting this whole thing off going strong! We had a two-week lockdown this month, and I used it to be productive in the only way I could: by completing a series of preliminary sketches to be completed soon in watercolor, once I get my new glasses, anyway! I completed no less than five in total; I started a sixth one and had it finished after the lockdown ended, so it doesn’t count!

It is a shame, however, that we cannot order any drawing paper that is bound like a spiral notebook – This is a low-security facility, and I could order it through Blick at my last location, a medium-security facility in downstate Illinois. Now that I look in the “drawing paper” section of the catalog, almost none of the products listed are NOT spiral-bound (in fact, only one single product!), which means I am effectively screwed. Oh well, none the matter; I still have plenty left over from previous orders that I brought with me so I should be alright for a while!

It would be nice to have some sort of website to peddle my drawings on so that I may be more self-sufficient. I may have to someday start asking some friends if they could help out. My girlfriend is a rather hardcore hikikomori and so, even though we both can talk about the things we love and complement one another, that only happens once or twice a year, and she is a shut-in otherwise with zero online presence, not even an e-mail. Blargh. I lost the game.