Journal Entry: Christopher C Hodges-08/05/2023-Afternoon Entry

Journal Entry

Today I will be drafting a letter to send home to the mayor of East St. Louis, IL, the mayor of Washington Park Il and the Director of the Good Samaritan Center who I have a good relationship stating that we need to create a reentry center for the southern district of Illinois. This center will not only provide a safe transition home from prison but also give young adults an opportunity to reduce their time or prevent them from doing time by completing productive programs. These programs in prison are indeed well needed but if I’m taking a R.D.A.P and Life Connection programs how will that help people after prison when there’s no instructor or spiritual guide to talk to if I’m from Illinois 8hrs away from a prison in Michigan I served time in. The connection will be lost and the street influence will be knocking on every window and door when you leave prison but if there’s a facility that provides similar programs and opportunities in your area then you should be able to walk in and give your name that pulls up your profile in a computer system that tells who you are and what you need as far as instructor or levels to start from and complete. This will not only provide jobs for the community but strengthen the bond of law enforcement, religious faith, and all communities. Federal should not be a household worry with prison attached to the conversation it would also be an outreach with the words of encouragement, help, build and or restore. When you hear the word FEDS all that comes to mind is uh oh somebody going to jail. If this meeting takes place after they read my letter then I will reach out to the governor and senator for the state of Illinois to further my thoughts of restoring the city I was born and raised in. I know there are government funds for these ideas but most people don’t do the research to get them and most government position holders don’t reach out and say that city or state needs our help. Prison should not be the only solution, jail should not be the only solution to give more opportunities to save instead of keeping people in the system.