Journal Entry: Christopher C Hodges-12/26/2023-Focus Entry

Journal Entry

FOUNDATION—–No matter what your building in life you need a solid foundation. You can not build without it. Whether it’s a business, life goal, or relationship, your foundation must be your main focus in order to sustain a successful long-term life achievement. No one is perfect we are humans learning as we grow and we all make mistakes but those mistakes are the cracks in our foundation that lead to failure if we don’t admit that it’s a problem to ourselves first and then to others, accept responsibility, and fix the problem. What are we building from, what are your morals and principles, what image or legacy are we leaving behind. Make your foundation strong enough to support those who depend on you, believe in you and listen to your words. Don’t let your age or unfortunate situation stop you from starting over and re building because we all know the difference between right and wrong so let’s make it right. Build a solid foundation of positive daily living, decision-making, spiritual growth, and of course mental health and wellness. You have a purpose in life, I have a purpose in life, we have a purpose in life but we as humans have to focus more on the world we created, that includes family, friends, businesses, and goals from our foundation. Our LORD created this world so let go and let GOD handle his while we handle ours. Life is not easy, there’s constant struggle and or fight to win and get ahead but we must take our time and simplify things in life so we can focus on what’s important to you. Who’s important enough to be in your everyday circle that encourages you in a positive way, remember your world is your creation. If it causes you stress then remove it, if you can’t afford it right now then work harder and save until its affordable enough for you to purchase without it hurting you financially. This is a start to a solid foundation. If it’s a subject that you need more information on to grow then swallow your pride and ask questions, do your research because knowledge is key. Have you ever heard the phrase KNOW THYSELF.