Journal Entry: Christopher C Hodges-12/15/2023

Journal Entry

I have been doing some thinking about one of my projects I will be putting a lot of energy into upon my release and have decided that after publishing my book, I will be looking to turning it into a TV series. Hmmmm this comes from the many great responses from all of those who have read the 5 part book and want to know when will I be ready with the next one. I recently got a release date of Jan 17, 2024, so my release will be soon and soon I will be looking for an outlet for my books. If a prison community who reads many books daily are intrigued by my writing then I know I can entertain the world as I have in the music industry. Getting ready to return home with a higher outlook on life and better marketing plan than before I was arrested. Life is what you make it so I will make mine legendary.