Journal Entry: Christopher C Hodges-11/25/2023

Journal Entry

Today I will be working on a way to show how going to prison affects the entire family and not just the person who is being incarcerated. Reentry programs provide limited assistance to to those being released but what about the parents and children of that person, how do they heal from this trauma? There’s a group of people in certain positions that put laws in place but are not seeing the damage it’s doing to the families of the people they put away. I will continue to work on this re-entry center when I return home but it will provide help for the families as well as the person going home. I have ran into a few good like-minded individuals during my prison journey and will be linking with these individuals as soon as they are released. I want to put these facilities in as many cities and states as possible starting from one. I have to go over this business plan a few more times because a lot of mistakes are made that are keeping people in here longer not by just the institution but by the inmates as well and by no one wanting to communicate with each other with this so call street code and prison rules these mistakes will never be fixed and always hold us back from helping each other. All of the notes I’m taking from my day-to-day experiences will help me prove to the outside world that help is much needed.